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The week following my South Island trip, I had a 3-day weekend in Auckland. I went to Auckland to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) at the University of Auckland. However, since I was already paying to fly there, I took a couple of extra days to explore the city.

I stayed a little outside of Auckland at one of the best hostels I have stayed at yet (Shooters). Not only did they have a mechanical bull, but they also had large parties (both were birthday parties when I was there) that they let the guests attend. It was a great way to meet some new people and relax before the big test!

While in Auckland, I visited the Sky Tower, Queens Street, Aotea Square (where a rally protesting the genocide they believe the war in Yemen is turning to), and Rangitoto Island (volcanic island that is also a bird sanctuary). However, a lot of the time was spent studying for the LSAT. The test itself was the longest and most mind numbing test I have ever taken. Once it was finally I over, I quickly found a bathroom and a place to eat! After the 7 hours in the test, and it being almost 3pm I was ready for some food. Overall I think the food was my favorite part of Auckland. They have anything and everything you could want there! I had some amazing Mexican, Turkish, and street food in the city. A side note is that Rangitoto island has no food, or water. Luckily I had prepared and brought my own water, but I suggest packing some food, as your only other option is the ferry food (not so good). You also should definitely wear hiking boots (not tennis shoes) when hiking a mountain formed solely from cooled lava. Even making these two mistakes, Rangitoto was a truly amazing experience. It also helped that I met several different people on the ferry/during the hike that are helping me plan other travels!

All in all, Auckland was a great city to visit with many things to do to get out of the city! I think any trip to NZ should include a visit to Auckland.

Here are some pictures from my time in Auckland:


At the top!

The volcano dome.

Lava caves!


Sky Tower

City views from Sky Tower

Descent into Auckland

A very different type of White House.


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