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New Zealand Travel and Arrival

Kia ora! (Hello in Māori)

This will be my blog used while studying abroad and my trips on each end of the study abroad. If you have questions or suggestions of places to go/things to see please put them in the comments.

I am currently sitting in my dorm room on the beautiful Massey University campus in Palmerston North, New Zealand. The trip here was more than a little rough. Around 1:30 am the day of my travels were to begin, food poisoning hit. Not only did I get food poisoning, but so did both of my parents. This enlisted my 17-year-old brother and a friend to drive me the 5.5 hours to the Denver airport (although the drive ended up being a little longer). Once at the airport it was a rough wait for the flight to San Francisco and then for my flight to Auckland. After the long flight to Auckland battling the food poisoning and a crying baby, I arrived safely and very dehydrated.

While waiting from my flight to Palmerston North from Auckland, I had the pleasure of meeting several locals to the area who had been in Auckland for a beer and wine awards festival. I learned all about the drama in the industry and some local brews to try out. I then boarded my aircraft and was able to see some stunning landscape on the way to Massey. A few photos are included below.

The staff and individuals I have met on campus are all extremely helpful and nice. In an effort to get the supplies needed to set up my dorm room (as I was traveling with only a suitcase and backpack), I have explored much of the downtown area and not much else. I am now slowly recovering from the mixture of jet lag, dehydration, and exhaustion. Tomorrow starts the international student orientation and I look forward to getting to know more of my fellow classmates! Classes begin in one week. I will be taking Contemporary Political thought, which I am excited to get a chance to compare a politics course here with the many I have taken at Purdue. It will also be interesting to learn more about their governmental structure and the way individual in New Zealand view their government. I will also be taking a Introduction to Agribusiness, New Zealand Environments, and Māori Agribuisness Systems which will give me a better look at how the culture and the island nature of New Zealand affects it's agricultural trade.

My next post will be a recap from my trip to Ireland, but the rest will be of my time here and travel thereafter.


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